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My Review of the Professional Options Trading Masterclass by Anton Kreil

About me

I was a mid-level bean counter at a corporate desk job in Denver CO, trading part time in the evenings, lunchtimes and any time my boss wasn't looking. I had digested a whole lot of advice on what I should be doing and was confident my technical approach, backed up by what I thought was rigorous research, would see me OK. However it didn't and around 80% of the time, I just was not seeing success.

What does the course actually teach you?

This review is for both the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass, which I took previous to this, and the Professional Options Trading Masterclass - both by Anton Kreil and the ITPM. 

First of all, the courses explained exactly why my previous approach was not working the majority of the time.

I can only tell you what I personally got out of the courses, but it fundamentally changed my whole process and strategy. And I mean the WHOLE process. The other courses I had sat through and books I'd read tended to focus on one narrow part of trading, namely technical analysis. Even if you get that spot on, it is irrelevant, because there is a hell of a lot more to trading and more importantly, trading consistently successfully.


Both courses have made me look at the market with  new eyes, from a completely different and fundamental perspective.

Anton Kreil uses his own experiences to explain the fundamental elements of trading, be it FOREX or Options trading and will change your mindset to approaching a trade.

The courses are full of real life examples which I personally found a lot easier to relate to. I'm not going to lie to you, the courses are in depth, long and intense, but the format is logical and takes you through the entire process step by step. Plus there are a couple of recap vids.

For me the biggest and only test is to compare my success rate prior to, and after doing the courses. That is where all the previous courses failed, and where this certainly does not. My success/failure rate has flipped, and I approach every trading day with a confidence I know is backed up by a real strategy and results. 

The pros
  • The teaching style is very clear and concise. I easily understood it, and I am not a professional trader.

  • The step by step, methodical approach means you can pick it up as and when you get time.

  • You just need a pc/laptop with Excel and internet connection.

  • The courses will alter your mindset 100%, which for me was the biggest take away.

  • Provides you with a robust, actionable and repeatable process.

And the cons...

Both courses have a lot of information in them and it's quite a bit of hard work. I would suggest going over each Video Series at least three times. It gets easier the more you go over it.They are long and intense, and contain a LOT of information. These courses don't automatically make you a brilliant trader. What they do give you are the tools and mindset that means you have the very best chance of becoming a good one.

Is it worth the money?

Once again, I can only go by my own experiences and my answer to that is hell yes. If you are losing money year on year, and are serious about becoming a successful trader this course will more than pay for itself.


But that is irrelevant. I’m giving  it to you for free, so what is there to think about?

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