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If you've never heard of Anton Kreil, or the ITPM, check out these two vids, featuring the man himself. The first is a quicky summarizing what you'll find on the course...

...while this not only gives you some top drawer advice, it also gives an insight into the mindset and work ethic you need to be a sucessful trader, but more about that later.

The Professional Options Trading Masterclass consists of 28 videos written and presented by Anton Kreil, who is also joined by Christopher Quill and Raj Malhotra. The course tells you how to trade in the US listed stock options market. Here's a full summary of the content:

Screenshot (80).png

Videos 1 & 2

The first two videos of the series feature an introduction from Anton Kreil, before going on to describe how you define your mandate when dealing with the US listed Stock Options Market.

Screenshot (82).png

Videos 6 thru 10

Videos 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 deal with:

Long call & put options formalized

Naked short puts

Naked short calls

The covered call

The covered call collar

Screenshot (83).png

Videos 11 thru 14

These 4 vids cover index options, portfolio hedging methods, option spreads, market makers, volatility & Greeks.

Screenshot (84).png

Video 15 

In video 15 Anton Kreil recaps what the previous 14 videos in the Professional Options Trading Masterclass has covered.

Screenshot (85).png

Videos 16 thru 19

Videos 16 and 17 cover ratio spreads, while 18 and 19 deal with Ladder spreads.

Screenshot (86).png

Videos 20 & 21

In these two videos, Christopher Quill gives a Volatility Masterclass

Screenshot (87).png

Videos 22 thru 27

Videos 22 thru 27 detail:

Long Straddles

Long Strangles

Strap Straddle

Strip Straddle

Strap Strangle

Strip Strangle

Screenshot (88).png

Video 28

In the 28th and final video of the Professional Options Trading Masterclass series, Anton Kreil recaps everything you have learnt.

What more do you need? To get the whole series, simply contact me. There's no better way to get your trading where you want it to be. You will also be ensuring the scam artists don't get another single dollar.

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